JIYC DOCK & Waterfront Rules

Rules for the Dock and Waterfront
The use of James Island Yacht Club docks and ramps are at your own risk. All boat
owners are responsible for their boat and any damage it or they may cause.
1.Members are allow one boat/ trailer per day to be used at the club
2. Vehicles can drive on the pier for loading and unloading of a boat. There is no
parking on the pier.
3. The hoist requires training to use. Once trained, the member will buy a key to the
lock. It is to be locked at all times except when in use. The member takes full
responsibility for the use of the hoist.
4. No swimming or diving off the docks. Bicycles are not permitted on the dock.
5. Children under the age of 10, must be accompanied by an adult on the dock.
6. Children under the age of 10 shall wear a life jacket when on any floating dock.
7. Crab pots must be registered and have a JIYC sticker. Crab pots may only be placed on West
side of Dock of the Elevated Structure. Do not leave traps on Dock, as they will impede pedestrian
and vehicle traffic to hoist. They must have bait while in the water (SC Law). If not in use please
take the trap home. In the month of February, all traps must be removed from the dock.
8. Docking: Docking is for the Members of JIYC. All boat owners are responsible for
their boat and any damage it or they may cause.
a. WAVE ATTENUATOR- FRONT DOCKS – Front Concrete Floater: Max Boat
Sizeis 60ft. – Less than 30knot winds.
b. BLACK CUBE QUEUING DOCKS – For Loading and Unloading only – 30 Minute
Max – Under no circumstances are boats to be tided on vertical stainless tide slide. Boats
over 25 ft., except for launching and retrieval or emergency use, cannot use the tie up to
the floatingdocks.
c. SAILING DOCK – White docks by the park – Are primarily for sailing but they can
be used for loading or unloading small powerboats (18 feet or less) – 30 Minute Max.
d. OVERNIGHT STAY: Availability is first come first serve. Boats left overnight must
leave dock by 10am the following day. Boats are limited to 1 overnight stay without