Note to the Membership – New Summer Parking Rules

For the duration of this Summer, Saturday & Sunday will be One Vehicle per Member on the Club grounds from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm. ( This includes JULY 4th )

Please note : This means that guests are not allowed to park on the grounds.

If you have not picked up your parking pass yet, you can get yours from the lounge.

Also, please remember the following too :

If you leaving you boat/trailer on Club Grounds, it should not be for more than 12 hours

If you currently have a boat parking spot, you must return your trailer to your spot after launching your boat. Do not leave your trailer in the normal parking areas

WASH DOWN STATION – Please limit your time there when you see others waiting to get a spot. Flush, Rinse and Go. Please complete detailing of your boat during off-peak hours.

Docking: Docking is for the Members of JIYC.  All boat owners are responsible for their boat and any damage it or they may cause.
a. WAVE ATTENUATOR- FRONT DOCKS – Front Concrete Floater: Max Boat Sizeis 60ft. – Less than 30knot winds.
b. BLACK CUBE QUEUING DOCKS – For Loading and Unloading only – 30 Minute Max – Under no circumstances are boats to be tided on vertical stainless tide slide. Boats over 25 ft., except for launching and retrieval or emergency use, cannot use the tie up to the floatingdocks.
c. SAILING DOCK – White docks by the park – Are primarily for sailing but they can be used for loading or unloading small powerboats (18 feet or less) – 30 Minute Max.
d. OVERNIGHT STAY: Availability is first come first serve. Boats left overnight must leave dock by 10am the following day. Boats are limited to 1 overnight stay without permission.

For More Details and Information regarding the Club’s Rules and Regulations.


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