Club Rule Reminders

To the Membership

Please take a moment, as we are about to begin our “busy” season, to refresh yourself of the Club’s Rules and Regulations


If you leave your boat on club grounds, it should not be for more than 12 hours.

If you currently have a boat parking spot,
you must return your trailer
to your spot after launching your boat
Do not leave your trailer in the normal parking areas

The black/grey cubes and Gator Docks are still only for
short term tie up ( 30 Minutes ) while using the ramp

There is absolutely NO overnight mooring of boats
on the black/grey cubes or Gator Docks.

OVERNIGHT STAY: Availability is first come first serve. Boats left overnight must leave dock by 10 am the following day. Boats are limited to 1 overnight stay without permission.

Limit your time at the wash station when you see others waiting to get there.                Flush, rinse and go.
Please complete detailing of your boat during off-peak hours.

Dogs are Not Allowed on The Club Grounds
unless being taken by leash directly from vehicles to a boat


The use of Club facilities shall be confined to members
and the member’s Immediate family
( Children / dependent who is under the age of 21 ).

Guests MUST be accompanied by a Club member at all times.
Cards cannot be “loaned out”
The Club Member may have MAXIMUM of 6 guests per visit.

Children are allowed a MAXIMUM of 2 guests per visit.
All such guest visits require prior approval of the Club member/Parent.

Below is a link to the List that was given out when you Joined the Club

Click Here

Thanks for the Help in making your Club the best spot on Charleston Harbor

For a more detailed list of Rules and Regs

Please Click here

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